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Leadership Is Being Amazing!
The Unlimited Secrets of Sales Dominance
We Have A Problem!
Customer Service for Idiots
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Leadership Is Being Amazing!

It's not just being good that separates the top CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and athletes from everyone else in the pack, it's BEING AMAZING!

"Leadership Is Being Amazing!" is one of today's most request seminars by meeting planners and Human Resource Manage. It is more than a seminar or keynote.... it is an event!

"Mr. Motivation" Michael J. Herman has combined the essentials for a moment in time that imparts not only moving stories about disability, recovery, and success, but humor, wisdom, and hands-on application that actually cause change and effect the lives of audience members while they are in the program.

This high energy, power-packed, interactive, motivational program delivers more than just a few "Hmmm's." It gives one "Aha" after another!

It's not about changing the world, but about how each individual contributes to it. It's an emotional and spiritual ride through he possible, if only we believe.


  • The 3-principles of Motivation.
  • 35 ways of staying motivated and inspired in the face of any situation.
  • 25 strategies for manifesting your true and lasting success (both individually, and organizationally)
  • 10 keys to manifesting leadership within yourself, and
  • 5 things to always keep in mind if you're a leader or want to be one.

If you're not a leader, or amazing when you enter this program, you will be when you leave.

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We don't learn from our successes. We learn from our mistakes, or from the mistakes of others. Having spent more than eight years working with, interviewing, and training some of the nation's top sales teams, Michael J. Herman "Mr. Motivation" has crafted the most comprehensive Sales & Leadership program available today!

By observing the mistakes of salespeople worldwide, Herman's Sales Dominance Seminar is the most motivating, challenging, humorous, and content-rich three hours a sales manager can give their staff!

It's based on the following three principles:

  • Don't make the mistakes we know won't result in Dollars, Pounds, or Yen.
  • Find the most significant and dynamic ways to improve your sales numbers right the minute! Don't wait for tomorrow to implement your talents, let's make you an awesome salesperson right now!, and
  • If you're a salesperson, then sell. Selling is a state o mind. It's an attitude. If you don't have it coming into this seminar, you'll have it on the way out!


  • The most cutting-edge, hard-core, powerful and mediate result making techniques and strategies for dominating your competition and the marketplace.
  • Ways of stimulating ongoing success in the Sales Game, no matter what industry you're in.
  • The fundamental differences between ordinary salespeople and the upper one half of one percent of sales-makers in the world.
  • How to keep it going on, and on, and on, until you've reached the pinnacle of the Sales Ladder.

This program is absolutely GUARANTEED to turn anyone selling anything into a powerhouse of sales closings.


The Ultimate Secrets To Sales Dominance is about instantaneously changing the way you approach selling. Whether you are a seasoned professional with 30-years in the business, or a Boy Scout selling lemonade on the corner, these mind-blowing techniques WORK!

  • 30+ sledge hammers for nailing the sale
  • 25 patented strategies for packing right for the mind trip of business
  • 25 secrets you'll never hear from the big guys.
  • What your mother never told you about selling

See the 100% Guarantee!

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Perhaps one of the most dynamic, hysterical, and applicable motivational presentations in America today, this dramatic, and yet gut-busting, outrageous account of the worst day in the life of a professional motivator, speaks to all audiences!

How do we learn how to train others? How do we teach excellence? By living the lessons that leave behind learning and growth. In this high energy, high impact allegory, Michael J. Herman "Mr. Motivation" shares the accounts of when he was locked up in a prison cell for the weekend, while presenting a seminar on confidence to inmates.

"It's no just funny, it's amazing!", declares Julio Gramajo, Jr. Space Flight Awareness Administrator, The Boeing Company.

Herman takes us on a journey through the levels of conflict, catastrophe, and crisis, and demonstrates how one can us their weaknesses to heir own advantage. Through the telling of a story that will entertain, and amuse, you will learn the crucial elements for overcoming the most disastrous of setbacks.


  • the anatomy of a crisis,
  • what to do when things go wrong,
  • keeping your had when the guillotine is being raised,
  • how to get people on your side and want to help you succeed, and
  • laughing your way through the darkness and finding the brighter side of when bad things happen.

This exhilarating and significant emotional joyride has been called "The funniest thing I've ever seen!" by J. Terryl "Bubba" Bechtol, Comedian and Grand Ol' Opre performer.

If you want to teach your audience anything, from Sales, to Customer Service, from Leadership, Problem Solving, Motivation, Humor, Goal Setting, Teamwork, or any other topic you may require, you need to see "WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" Because if you don't, you will.


---Customer Service
----Management Issues

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It doesn't take an idiot to deliver great customer service, but if you're in business, and you don't deliver great customer service, then you are an idiot! But don't fret, there's help!

By identifying the 100 worst qualities demonstrated in the area of Customer Service, and by accentuating the 100 top qualities mastered by top customer service providers, Michael J. Herman "Mr. Motivation" taps the fundamental essence of what creates exceptional cUStomer service.

It's not just Can I Help You?,... that makes the customer feel valued, it's everything from when they pick up the phone, or walk into your showroom, to the moment they tell their friends and family about the experience.

Having worked with the very top National Sales Managers, Vice Presidents of Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Service execs in the country, at companies like Boeing, Hilton, Marriott, Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Monsanto, and others, Herman's insights and analysis in not only keeping customers happy, but creating loyalty through his "31 Levels of Leadership," makes Customer Service Mavericks out of Drawing Room Drones.

Herman explains: "It's not that hard. Identify what others are doing wrong, and don't do those things. Identify what they are doing well, and emulate them to dominate in any arena! Unfortunately, most companies insist on doing it their own way, and they position themselves out of business."

I have been watching and making notes on Customer Service, for more than 20-years and my findings are that if you deliver what they want, they will come. It is as simple as that! These 31-Levels For Leadership in Customer Service are the most comprehensive and dynamic demonstration of excellence available in the marketplace today!

Randall Tierney, Editor of Amusement World Magazine said: "Herman's programs are the complete package. You don't need anything else! Sales, Customer Service, Retention, Training, or Leadership, or Motivation and Success, he's got it all right here in one Amazing program!"

Scott Moga of Selling Power Magazine said: "Herman's programs are applicable to any industry, at any level!"

This program IS NOT FOR PIKERS! It's for people and organizations that have the specific intention of being great, because that's what Herman does... he makes Great Sales & Customer Service People! Whether you want to be great at it or not, attend one of Mr. Motivation's Customer Service modules or keynote, and you will be before it is over. You may come in as a neophyte, but you'll go out as a champion!


*The 31 Levels of Leadership Excellence in Customer Service
**The fastest way to lose or close a customer
***The best, most powerful ways to keep your customers forever
****The DOs & Don'ts of Conflict Resolution
*****Saying what the customer wants to hear and delivering on that promise
******There is no ME in Customer Service, but there is U, and there is US.

- Help Desk
- Customer Service Supervisors
- Training & Development
- Sales and Management
- Leadership

See the 100% Guarantee!

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You've been there, done that. Gotten your corner office, retirement package is in place, and you're siting pretty on a nice client base. Everything is set, and it's smooth sailing from here. Or is it? What do you do now to reach the next level? What is the next level?

Michael J. Herman "Mr. Motivation" with more than 15 years experience in selling, sales training, and consulting, and more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and success, shows novice to veteran sales professionals how to make the big dollars and the big difference.

Herman has worked with more than 100 of the most powerful, profitable, and prestigious sales organizations in the world in profoundly increasing their sales numbers and the value those numbers represent.

"Once you've attained a certain amount of success in sales, it's easy to become complacent and jaded. I re-ignite the passion you had for selling when selling was a skill to be mastered, not a trophy to display."


  • How to get beyond the numbers.
  • How to identify the strengths in your sales force.
  • How to instantly identify weaknesses that are costing you
    millions in closed sales every year.
  • The absolute best ways to ensure your sales will never
    dip below your necessities.
  • Leadership, Loyalty, and Longevity, the essentials to the
    501-K worth more than you can make in a career of
  • The secrets that separate the rich from the poor.

This high impact, power-pulsating, exciting and innovative program will transform your entire paradigm for selling in one day! It's GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

This program is NOT for the weary. It is for those SERIOUS about making it BIG in $ale$! It's what you need to play in the Big Leagues.

See the 100% Guarantee!

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