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    Client List
Michael J. Herman has spoken all over the world to hundreds of audiences - large and small.  Here's a partial list of Motivational and Leadership Clients...
(* Indicates repeat Booking)

International Pizza Expo
National Bulk Vendors Association
The Toy Factory
The Mr. Fantastic Company
Boy Scouts of America, National Eagle Induction Dinner
Volcan Materials Corp.
Calmat Inc.
Industrial Asphalt Corp.
Arco Oil & Gas Corp.
Amusement Showcase International (Vending Industry)
National Human Resources Association
National Small Business Expo
US Air Force
US Navy 3rd Fleet
US Marine Corps. Recruiting Station
University of California Los Angeles, School of Business Administration
USC Athletic Dept.
Univ. San Diego
Calif. School, of Science & Research
McGill University
University of Iowa, Nuero-Psych & Research
Harvard University, Minority Students Association
Yale Cultural Exchange Prog.
Univ. of Miami, Coral Gables
Philips Graduate Institute
Univ. Florida, Galveston
College of the Ozarks, Missouri
Clements Stallman Academy
Perkins School for the Blind
Int. Congress on Cognitive Disabilities
National Orton Dyslexia Society
Ministry of Handicapped
Adults (EU)
Clarkstown South Senior High
Miami Beach Day School
Texas Disabled Workers Union
IVAX Corp.
Searl Industries
American Alliance of Healthcare Providers
California Criminal Justice League
Bruce Nordstrom
Nordstrom Western Region
The Boeing Company
Raytheon Industries Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Honda Motor Corporation
Mattel Toy Corp.
Clarion Marketing
Holiday Inn Corp.
American Express
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Ramada Hospitality Corp.
Hilton Hotels Corp.
Marriott Services Int. Inc.
Howard Johnson Corp.

Bank of America
Simon & Schuster
USAF California Air Nat'l. Guard
American Express
GLADD Group of Companies
**Southern Lutheran Ministries of Nevada
Temple Beth Shalom
Temple Tzadackah Synagogue
God & Disability, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
*****Franchise Services Corp.
**Days Inn of America
Citi Group
CBS/Infinity Radio
National Human Resources Assn.
*****Hospitality Franchise Services Corp.
Alaska Pulp Corporation
MERS, Inc. Montreal, Quebec
Retail Buyers Coalition of Amer.
American Retailers Merchandise Assoc.
Indiana Dept of Water & Power
****ABP Group of Companies, (Great Britain)
*The Toy Factory
*Australia Interactive Mgt, Ltd.
***Economic Council, of Sydney, Australia
***The MIND Group
MPI Washington, D.C.
Tax & Financial Group
Ascend Financial Services
R. McCloskey Insurance Agency
***Advanced Forecasting Corp.
Academic Researchers of Excellence
National Organization of Organic Food Growers
International Limousine Expo
IMA-E '98, '99, & 2001
BESPO -Sports Fashion Expo
2000 Political Caucus Training Module
BLAZE 2000-2001 Las Vegas - Leading the World Leadership & Management
Euro Expo 2001
The Difference Show 2001
Leisure & Vacation Expo
The Designing Your Life Seminar
I Coach U Curriculum For Living
Around The World W. Success
2000 & 2001
Speak It & Make It Happen Seminar
Wit & Wisdom (Nat'l TV, 200 cities)
World Plumbing Congress
Rubber Distributors Expo 2001
Music Makers Expo Western
A.E.I. In-Flight Los Angeles
Canadian Airlines/British Airways/South African Airlines
In-flight motivation audio content provider
Renaissance Executive Forums
Peter Clancy International
2000 Democratic National Convention
American Home Products

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