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Michael J. Herman is a recognized authority on Inspiration, Motivation, Humor, and Leadership. He's a globally syndicated columnist and author of over 1000 articles on these topics.

"If you think it's hard, you have no idea. But I'll do it anyway, because the more difficult the challenge the greater the rewards."
   - Michael J. Herman "Mr. Motivation"

This is not a story of a tremendous business master such as Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, or Jack Welsh. For that is not what Michael J. Herman is about. It's not a story of failure; though surely, he has known his share. It is a story of one single-minded, success-driven individual faced with constant insurmountable obstacles. Yet, he has become one of today's top motivators and authorities on Success.

It's not enough that since 1986, Michael J. Herman known as "Mr. Motivation" has been motivating and inspiring the world, first as a television sitcom writer-producer, but he has operated his company Third Eye Communications, since 1986 with 13 years of growth to show for it.

It's not enough that his unique style of leadership has been called "Extraordinary" by CEOs like Bob Crandle of American Airlines, and Jill Barad
of Mattel Toys.

It is enough however; that he's written the book on beating the odds and winning when losing was the only option.

Michael J. Herman is the Motivator of Motivators! As a network television and film Writer-Producer for 9 years for such shows as "Doogie Howser, MD.", "In Living Color", & "Revenge of The Nerds", Michael employed and supervised at times more than 100 employees, while developing projects for more than five studios during his media career.

But the story starts even further back than this. For his leadership mastery stems back from his own motivational strategies developed when, as a five-year-old boy, Michael suffered a traumatic brain injury, resulting in paralysis, aphasia, and total blindness.

Having to self-teach himself how to walk, how to talk, and yes… how to see, Michael became a virtual impresario of motivational techniques.

Everyday was a challenge. The physical (walking, talking, and seeing) was the easy part. The cognitive setbacks were the hardest. In the years when rehabilitation was still a misnomer Michael had to find on his own the strategies to overcome such obstacles as learning and cognitive disabilities.

Though it took more than 13 years, Michael's obstacles seem minuscule when compared with the achievements he has amassed.

Now Michael J. Herman, "Mr. Motivation" travels the world motivating, inspiring, and entertaining audiences on the topics of Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership, Positivity, and Success.

Since 1997, Michael has been the creator, author, and publisher of the daily syndicated column "THE MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE!," the world's ONLY daily publication dedicated to your success. With more than 1,500,000 daily readers at more than thirty of today's most powerful corporations, Herman is by far one of today's top motivational forces in America as recognized by the National Speakers Association.

If it's a successful meeting you are planning, a way to inspire, impact, or improve your organization's market dominance, or cutting edge training technologies, Michael J. Herman "Mr. Motivation" is the Speaker, Trainer, Motivator, & Expert for you!

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