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Michael J. Herman blends motivation and humor into
all his speaking engagements.   
Always engaging - always guaranteed.

See the 100% Guarantee!

Want to get PUMPED? Want to be ENERGIZED? Want to
achieve results like you've never even imagined?
Want to have everything you've always wanted and
find ways to generate confidence, positivity, and
results in everything you do, and everywhere you
go? Have we got the stuff for you?

is the ONLY audio program proven to break down
the obstacles that get in your way and propel
you to the heights of great results!

Don't take it from us, take it from the 44 million
airline passengers who listened to it while flying
from where they started to where Mike took them by
the time they landed.

Or, ask the more than 100,000 customers who have purchased

It's easy to see why people respond to "THE MICHAEL

By demonstrating the techniques of motivational em-
powerment through example, story, and inspiration,
Michael reprograms your thought processes from what
they are now to SUPER-CHARGFED and ready to result!

The techniques used are so advanced and so expert that
while listening, you won't even realize you're being

It's not just Mike cheering you on, it's Mike's entire
organization of millions and millions of people, who
like you strive to be great, to achieve lots, and to be
as happy and as miraculous as the universe will allow!

is only one of the programs and products Mike has to propel
you into the stratosphere.

You can hear the first track for free. You can purchase
the entire 90-minute program for just $25.00. (regularly $99.95)

motivated and inspired true champions to stellar
greatness! In only 90-minutes, this audio adventure
will send you to heights of elation and stimulation
that other programs simply cannot achieve.

Through his highly refined and specialized style of
storytelling, combined with a unique and innate
ability to connect with listeners and customers,
Michael J. Herman's Motivational Adventure is a once
in a lifetime experience!

Crippled as a child and blinded for more than a year
at the young age of 5, Herman weaves lessons and
strategies on attitude, confidence, persistence with
the single goal of results. His journey from crippled
child, to world renown Entrepreneur and Best selling
Author will transform your perspective to utter
achievement status.

It's a rare person whose life and lessons are so univ-
ersal that they can stand as a testament to what is
possible in your life, in your organization, or in
your world.

Listen to Herman's emotional tale of falling on his head,
only to awaken 4 weeks later from a coma, and
strickened with paralysis, effasia, and total blindness.
He tells this story, what happened, how he coped, and
how he survived and thrived. then he presents it in
such simple and accessible ways that you can immedi-
ately learn from Mike's experiences.

Be inspired to change and results as he shares about
having to learn to walk by falling down over and over again.
Listen and grow as Mike's vision deficits help you to see,
and avoid the blind spots in your own life.

Hear how by training and controlling his neurological
system to rewire, you can eliminate bad habits and
replace them with good ones.

These are just a few of the dozens and dozens of pearls
you'll gain when you've taken "THE MICHAEL J. HERMAN

It's simply that easy! Results occur while actually
listening to the program, so that by the time it's
complete, you have transformed.

Bonnie Harris of The Los Angeles Times called "The
Michael J. Herman Motivational Adventure" ® "A one of
a kind inspirational romp that kicks your butt and
challenges you to be great!"

What you'll get:

  • Motivated like you've never been motivated before!
  • You'll be ready to take on any obstacle, any issue,
    or any adversary with your bare hands.
  • Greater levels of mastery over your own domain and destiny.
  • Insight into the making of true champions.
  • Ongoing breakthroughs to eliminate what stops you in your life.
  • Get it now, because it's just the beginning!

It will be the best $25.00 you ever spent!

See the 100% Guarantee!

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